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Clearing your record online

can be simple.


Attorneys are Expensive


Let us clear your record today without the hassle. 

The law can be complicated. We make it easy.

Clearing your record online

can be simple.

Attorneys are Expensive

Misdemeanor Expungement

You may have been denied employment due to a misdemeanor on your record without your knowledge.

Arrest Record Clearing

Your arrest record can be used against you. Don’t let it. Take back control by clearing your record today.

Felony Expungement

Minor felonies in certain states can be expunged. Our Eligibility Test will determine if you are qualified for record expungement.

How Can We Help You? allows the opportunity to clear your record or expunge your record online in a timely and efficient manner.  By providing the correct information and taking our eligibility questionnaire, you will be able to petition the court to clear your record.

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What Is Expungement?

Expungement is a legal process in which the arrest record or criminal record of a person is erased in the eyes of the law.  This can also be called an expunction and this occurs when the records are sealed or destroyed. This can be all or some parts of the record. Depending on the state, expungement can also mean that the finding of guilt is removed because you are withdrawing or vacating the original finding from the courts.

Each state has varying laws on the process which an expungement happens including the eligibility requirements for each individual. This eligibility can also vary depending on the type of arrest or level of conviction or even the county which the arrest or conviction occurs.

The major benefit for obtaining an expungement or clearing your conviction is that you no longer have to disclose your prior criminal history on job applications or housing applications. Once expunged, your criminal history should not appear on any background checks or public record searches.

Access to public record and criminal background checks has increased greatly over the past few years and individuals now need expungement more than ever.

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Each State Has Different Laws and Procedures for Clearing Your Record

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Expunge Online

Expunge Online