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What should I expect to pay for an expungement?

The costs associated with an expungement differ greatly by state to state and jurisdiction by jurisdiction. Another factor in the cost of an expungement is the level of offense of the crime that you are trying to expunge. Many attorneys charge more for felony expungement and less for misdemeanors and even less for remove an arrest record. Filing fees and court fees are usually involved and therefore can raise the pricing even more.

Many attorneys will charge at least $2,000 to work on a felony expungement. This expungement article from Personal Finance outlines costs from $400-$4,000 depending on the nature of the crime and level of severity. The more information that an attorney has, the easier it will be for them to provide you with an accurate quote.

Expungement Online offers Juvenile and Arrest Record Expungement for $475, Misdemeanor Expungement for $675 and Felony Expungement for $950. As always, you should consult an attorney for legal advice if you have questions. Expungement Online works with local attorneys to handle your expungement.

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